coffee snob

i am a coffee snob.  i came to this dim realisation today while making my morning cup of instant coffee.

wait. instant coffee?

stay with me.  see, we recently took a trip to uganda and although parts of africa are responsible for some of the world’s best coffee beans, you cannot actually get a decent cup of coffee there (the reasons for this are a whole other story).  so we drank the cheapo instant stuff.  and suprisingly, for a couple of coffee snobs, we got used to it REALLY quickly.  but then what happened over there was that the notion of going home and paying 4 bucks for a coffee every day, $105 a month, started to seem ludicrous.  and then as more time went on, the idea of paying 4 bucks for a coffee everyday, $105 a month, started to seem like some sort of giant culture scam.

obviously coffee culture  has become some sort of brand.  the word coffee should be in hyphens.  ‘coffee’.  maybe with an explanation point. ‘coffee!’

‘coffee!’  as lifestyle choice.  ‘coffee!’  as status symbol.  ‘coffee!’ as self identification tool.  flat white, cappuccino, latte, tall, skim, no foam, moccachino or whatever friggin order you’re supposed to say it in.  i’ve been buying the illusion of  ‘coffee!’

the other thing i realised was that about 55% of the time i was buying 4 buck coffee, the coffee was shit anyway.  and let’s face it.  paying for shit coffee is the most ludicrous notion of all.   if a person continues to buy 4 buck coffee, when more than half the time it is shit, wouldn’t einstein classify that as…..insanity?

so i decided it was all a bit stupid.

when we came back to sydney i continued to drink instant coffee.  and while making it today i realised what a snob i used to be.  and so that’s where i found myself  this morning.  the end.


………….i still drink 4 buck coffee on weekends.  i mean what am i, the dalai llama?


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