one degree of separation

one of my most favourite things in all the world is having friends from the other side of the world, from my previous lives, from years gone by, come to visit me in my current life. one of the reasons i love this so much is of course i love to see old friends.  but a second reason is to do with how it breaks down the compartmentalisations of my life and reminds me we’re all one big happy globe. see, i tend to put divides between my work life, my personal life, my life i had in canada, my life here in sydney etc, etc.  friends and things go into one of these little lives i have created for myself and generally they are kept separate.  but sometimes, as in when a visitor visits, the lives collide with one another and it’s sort of a little bit magic.  like if parallel universes existed and someone from another universe popped over to see yours and you’re like ‘hey! you’re from that other universe, how cool is it to see you here in mine!  let me show you around!’

look, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but hello, have you met me?

anyway, my second favourite thing is if a friend from another life (or universe) sends over one of their friends for us me to meet and hang out.  how cool is that?  meeting a complete stranger who is not really a stranger because they are only one degree of separation away from someone you absolutely adore. meeting them serves to make you feel closer to your long lost loved one, and make a new friend and it’s all a good story you can tell at parties.

i met one of these new friends last night.  he came from canada with a recommendation from a very, very good, very old, friend of mine.  so we met in newtown and we went for drinks.  and it was oh so fun to look at him and think about my old friend in my old life and wow here we are in sydney having a lovely chat about it all. and then you realise that you could easily be friends with this new person, but of course you would, because if they’re friends with your friend, and you’re friends with your friend then you’ll probably get along just fine.  and so we did.

fun.  old friends, new friends, a different hemisphere and one degree of separation between us all.


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