i don’t know about you, but i love my sleep.  i dream about sleep when i’m sleeping.  i crave it.  i consider it a hobby.  it makes me happy. going hand in hand with me being a sleep junkie also means i’m not a big fan of getting up in the morning.  it’s getting in the way of my fix, if you know what i mean.  so, left to my own devices, i usually don’t get up particularly early.

here’s the catch.

i actually love mornings. 

i mean, if i’m forced to get out of bed for work or travel or a breakfast date i quickly realise, everytime,  that I adore being out in that special glory that only morning provides. 

it’s the light.  lets talk about that light. there’s something full of promise about it. all sparkly and fresh like the sun just got up and had a shower. unsullied by unmet expectations of the day, the light in the morning is altogether fresh faced and wide eyed.   it makes me feel young.

i love being up and outside in the mornings, wandering the quiet neighbourhood. being out in the morning makes you feel privy to some sort of secret alliance, i feel cheeky, pleased with myself to be a member of the special club, separate from the rest of the world still asleep. the morning is about quiet alone time, about the scent of coffee, about the stillness that precedes the wind kicking up and people getting up.  i love a good morning.

my brain also functions better.  i’m more alert, productive and full of energy.  it really is a bit of a paradox for me.  sleep, meet morning, morning, meet sleep.  you guys need to get to know each other and come to some sort of arrangement.  i need more of you both!


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