who you gonna call?

this year we are breaking up our annual pilgramage to Woolstock (more on that later) by staying a nite at the big, old, rambling hotel gearin, smack in the middle of the blue mountains.

now i love, love, love me the gearin.  it is as old as the hills themselves with loads of corridors and stairwells and dark corners and bay windows and rooms inside rooms, inside rooms.  so i suppose i wasn’t so surprised when the finch dug up this pearler:
dudes, it turns out the Gearin is haunted
“it’s said that a ghost appears at about 3am each day, and that regardless of how warm the hotel is at the time, a chill descends over the whole building. several people have reportedly seen the figure of a woman walking around the hotel at different times, as well as an apparition resembling a young child.”
now that is a good old fashioned ghost hunt, my friends.  never mind that the only people up in the hotel at 3am to observe this phenomena are the same ones that have been drinking there since 10am, i am determined to see me some ghosts!and remember – don’t cross the streams!

stay tuned for updates……


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