the fight against everything

we all know it’s not all shits and giggles out there, folks.  there’s enough crap going on in virtually all aspects of human, animal and environmental life to make your head spin and the earth spin off it’s axis.  probably literally.  and i know it can be completely overwhelming and induce in you the desire to ostrich it.  so,  i just wanted to gently urge you, and to remind myself, that every little bit counts.  whether you’re a dedicated activist or whether you’re a one-time donator to the local charity, don’t be afraid to make even the tiniest of differences.   i recommend:




the thing to remember, i guess,  is that it doesn’t matter what you decide to do.  and you don’t have to worry about the fact that you can’t possibly do everything.  you don’t have to.  if you wait for the biggest and the best opportunity to exact change you could just end up twiddling your thumbs for 50 years and then find yourself, shrivelled and pruned, sittin’ in your nursing home talking to your pet rock, morrie.

instead you can just do simple, small things in your day to day life and if one particular thing suits you better than another it is ok to just do that.  because something is better than nothing.  am i right? 

maybe it’s easy to just start switching all your powerpoints off at the wall, or maybe you decide to only buy organic, or maybe becoming a vegan is a viable option for you.  maybe one day you feel like you’ve got a spare five bucks and you can donate it to a cause, or maybe you want to volunteer your time to refugee kids. perhaps next time you’re at the shops you choose local over imported, used over new and you walk there instead of drive.  maybe you just sign a petition for workers rights, women’s rights, gay rights, human rights, animal rights whether it’s in person, over the internet or you like a link on facebook.

talking about links on facebook – dudes, i can talk about picking my nose on there and a hundred people will like it, but if i post a link to some sort of campaign it’s so quiet i can see tumbleweeds blowing through cyberspace.

maybe you decide to simply not back away.  that counts too.

and as  my good friend recently pointed out to me, it is indeed impossible to be righteous about this stuff, none of us are saints.  but don’t be afraid to be seen to care about it.


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