sometimes you’re not wrong, but you’re not that right

so, i find it a bit interesting that the whole kony 2012 backlash happened the day after i made the post on ‘the fight against everything’ in which i stated that to do something, anything, was better than doing nothing at all.

why is that interesting?  because unfortunately, kids,  kony 2012 actually served to illustrate that you can indeed do something that is worse than doing nothing.  it took me a good few days to come to this conclusion.  at first, i was really loathe to stand on the side of the critics of this project for fear that the critics were only wanting to be self-satisfied and smug about sitting on their own personal wealth because clearly only idiots would take up their time and money to fight against anything, and anyway, it sure isn’t my fault.  you get that sort of attitude a lot when you campaign for something and sometimes just convincing people that it’s okay to care about something is half of the battle.  so when the world-wide sensation of kony 2012 came along and all of a sudden people all over facebook, people who i’ve never seen take part in a socio-political discussion or even know that a place like uganda exists, were jumping all over themselves to fight for it.  it was incredible.  people rallied, people stood up to be counted, people made noise. so, the fact that after a lot of investigation into the issues it does indeed seem like kony 2012 was made by some self-serving halfwits, means that it is a really unfortunate day.  unfortunate, because due to these idiots, the people who stood up for this are going to realise they were conned and then that’ll be the end of the days where they stood up for something.

as for my part –  i was wrong and i oversimplified.  you do need to think for yourselves and do your own investigation into causes before you get on board with one.  otherwise, doing something could be more harmful than not.  i guess what i really meant was, that out of all the really good causes you could be contributing to, doing anything for any of them is better than doing nothing – that it’s ok to make a small drop in the ocean rather than wait for something extraordinary.  but anyhow, kony 2012 taught all of us a lesson of some sort.

the end.


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