the greatest love of all

is not inside of me (‘cos doesn’t that freak anyone else out?  ewww).  the greatest love of all is karaoke.  and this past friday nite it was even more specific than that.  this past friday nite we booked out the karaoke and dedicated it to the late, great, whitney houston.  in other words, we had whitneyoke.

we took that room by storm, my friends.  ‘i have nothing’, ‘i will always love you’, ‘how will i know’, ‘the greatest love of all’ were all showcased to perfection (aka: we were at least as good as whitney in her drunken stagger across australia last year) and a territorial fight for ‘i wanna dance for somebody’ (“no do”) (i lost).

all i can say is that there were too many people and not enough microphones.  who knew  my work mates had so much whitneytude.  

anyway, because that’s not quite enough songs to fill the three hours we had for the room we decided to branch out to all things whitney like bobby brown, dion warwick, tina turner, gloria gaynor.  but i think we drank a bit too much champagne and some meatloaf and billy ray cyrus slipped in (achey breaky heart?  maybe we were just describing how we felt about whitney’s death).

who knows.

i would post photos but i was too busy doing key changes on one knee while on top of the coffee table to take any.  if any photos emerge from the paparazzi that was no doubt hiding behind the couch the whole nite, i will let you know.

RIP whitney – you would have been proud.



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