attentional blink

blergghh.  it’s mid term time at university which means it’s time to start rocking the writing of the papers.

it totally sux.

i HATE writing papers for school.  i find it the most time consuming, stressful, soul destroying venture.  it’s not so much the writing part of it that gets me, it’s the amount of brain space it takes up weeks prior to the writing where i’m just thinking about writing the paper and getting stressed out about it.  yes, that’s right, thinking about writing the paper is more stressful than actually writing it.  i try to remind myself of this every semester so i can maybe skip the stressful thinking and get straight to the writing, but no. apparently i like having anxiety. so it still happens.  every time.

anyway, this semester i have to write a paper for neuropsych on the phenomenon of the attentional blink and how we can use this phenonmonon to study conscious perception.

riveted yet?

oh look, it’s interesting, don’t get me wrong – but it’s also really flippin complicated and scary and hard and boring.  i’ve spent the last three days just trying to read and digest the article that eventually i’m supposed to be critiquing.

i don’t understand any of it.

getting my head around scientific articles is a bit like looking at one of those 3d magic eye pictures.  you stare and stare and stare at the thing and nothing.  you get nothing at all from it.   and then all of a sudden, all at once it’s like, BAM – it’s a fucking dolphin.

i’m still at the staring stage.  which means frankly, my attention is on the blink.

but fear not, after five hours of it i took my dear friend, h and we played hookie at the beach!  yes, we did – because you know what? that hit prediction i had a while ago about the indian summer, is totally coming true.   check it…..


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