night walk

tonight was beautiful,  warm, the air smelt sweet.  i don’t know whether it was eucalypt or honeysuckle or a bit of both, but the night was dense with it.  i walked the back streets, alone with the clap of my sandals on the dark pavement.  the haunting sound of a child’s wind-up music box drifted in on the sweet air, lacing the walk with nostalgia and imagination.  i heard two people approach from behind. it was late and i became wary; walking alone in the dark the folly of people who should know better.  but then i noticed their shadows holding hands.  this couple were not a threat.  i zig zagged the road, unconscious of why i was choosing to cross when i did, just knowing that i didn’t want to miss either side.  the heat from the day still radiated from the sidewalk and milled up around my bare legs.  a train rumbled by in the distance and i found myself under the bridge it had just gone over.  water dripped from the steel tracks above and the world became a little more echoey and still.  stars were clear in the purply grey sky and decrepit houses with their latticed facades, faded and reminiscent of faraway places, transported me to them, if only for the duration of the walk.

i love my neighbourhood.


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