20th post!

welcome to my 20th post on stripeyhorse!  according to wordpress, this is an achievement worth celebrating, and hey, if somebody thinks i’ve achieved something, anything then i am on board with that.  so yay me, 20 posts!  woo!

anyway, reflecting upon this new gig of recording things on a blog, i have to say i have already found it to involve  the following conflicting emotions:

a) satisfaction – when i have something i’d like to write about and it comes out easily and makes some sort of sense, it is indeed a satisfying feeling.  good for the creative juices, and good to cultivate something that belongs entirely to me.

b) frustration – when i do not have something i’d like to write about and an open, blank post sheet is just staring me in the face with a ‘wha? you don’t have nothin’ to say? vibe about it, it is indeed – frustrating.

c) mortification (not a word) – it is still absolutely mortifying to me that anybody would read what i write.  i am aware that this blog is soooomewhat pointless and self indulgent and not really adding anything to the greater good.  so sometimes i feel guilty for writing it and hence mortified that anybody might read it.

d) fun (not an emotion) – oh but lets admit it.  how FUN is it when people do end up reading it and then they actually comment.  we like that.

i vow to continue to write regardless of whether it is frustrating, satisfying, mortifying or fun.  why?  because ultimately, i like it, don’t i.  isn’t that reason enough?



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