rain, rain and daylight savings

*sigh*.  it is undeniably autumn over here.  i can tell because the clocks have already gone back  signifying that the already shorter days are now shorter than they ever needed to be (who’s idea was daylight savings??? we are not farmers getting up at dawn, we are people who finish work at 5pm and need a little light for our sanity).  darkness is going to reign supreme for the next four to six months. winter is coming…….

……okay so maybe i don’t live in lapland and maybe this isn’t ‘game of thrones’ and maybe i’m exaggerating, but who’s blog is this anyway?

the point is, SUMMER IS OVER.


every. single. year. we have to go through this whole process of me watching the light change and the leaves fall and mourning the bright and cheerful days where i picture my life looking like something out of the ‘boys of summer’ film clip complete with wayfarers and shining brown skin (i really do work hard on that, and yes i know, it’s not healthy).

i loathe the cold.  i loathe the dark.  i loathe sydney houses without heating or insulation and rising damp.  i  lived in the northern hemisphere for many years and i stand by my resolve that sydney is worse in the winter because it is ill-prepared for it.  at least in canada you have heating everywhere.  everything is geared towards keeping you warm in the dark days of winter.  here, not so much.  here the city says, ‘we are built for summer only, that’s our thing, when it is not summer and you’re cold because we’re drafty and rainy, it’s your own fault for staying here’.

or something to that effect.

it leads to a state of hibernation.  around mid may i tend to disappear into my house with series upon series of ‘northern exposure’, piles of blankets and my phone on silent, only moving to go to work or occasionally eat.  the name of the game is ‘don’t move, it’s warm here’.  i am literally conserving energy, heat energy, and shut my body (and my social life) down to a bare minimum, just like those polar bears in the arctic where they slow their heartbeat until it’s almost undetectable.

i’m exaggerating again.  well, i’m just trying to prove how much i don’t want to do this winter gig.  and how annoyed i get that everytime i get through one and rejoice, it comes back.

i’ll leave it there.  hibernation insanity appears to have already kicked in….


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