of lawn mowers and sunshowers

so the other day, my work day consisted entirely of mowing the lawn belonging to this large house:


Q: How many staff does it take to mow a lawn?
A: Seven (and two whipper snippers, one lawn mower, three rakes, a hedge-trimmer, 2 extension cords and five hours)

now, let me just point out that this photo was not taken the day we were there.  we know this because the day I was there those little baby hedges you see lining the path?  yeah, they were taller than me and joined in the middle.  and those quaint little yellow daisies you see growing on the grass?  yeah, they were smothered by the knee length flaxlike jungle lawn that encompassed the entire area. 

wait.  why are you mowing this lawn?

so, we have an annual volunteering day at my work. this means that every year, every employee spends one day volunteering their time to another one of the organisation’s programs or facilities.  I love this about my job.  I love that volunteering time is considered a non-negotiable in this world.  I love that in meetings we talk about how we can better serve the poor instead of talking about how we can better serve the company’s bottom line.  it makes me so happy.  but anyway, the other day, I was assigned to come to this big old mansion, a boarding house for boys from country or rural areas that allow them the opportunity to come to the city to study or work. there is only one caretaker for the property and it sits on over an acre of land.  It has been raining here for what seems like EVER and as such……

it’s a jungle out there.

we sorta thought we might spend the day sitting in the garden, doing some light weeding and chatting, maybe with a spot of tea and wearing one of those big floppy straw hats that women always have on in the garden in paintings.

what actually happened was we ran over two electrical cords with the hedgetrimmer, nearly set the hedge on fire, and had to spend the first three hours wielding giant whipper snippers in an attempt to get the jungle flax lawn down to a point where we might be able to think about getting a mower in there. it hurt. a lot. spot of tea my arse.

but we got there in the end and we were mighty proud i have to say. i definitely need to find a chiropractor, but hey, what a great looking lawn.


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