some days

so, some days you do things like go to work, hang out with friends, and read a book in bed. other days, like yesterday, you get to do things like….

see PRINCE!!!!!  sorry for the bad cell phone pics but i was a tad drunk off the VIP PRE-SHOW PRINCE COCKTAIL PARTY.  ahem. i mean, what can i say?  i have bruises across my thighs from standing and leaning into the row in front of me while screaming and pointing at him and my throat feels like i’ve contracted glandular fever in the past 24 hours though i suspect it has more to do with how many times i squealed ‘PRIIIINCCEEEEOHHMYGOOODWOOOOOAHHHHPRINCEESHIIIITTOHHHMYGODDDDD’ or something to that effect.

he was fairly fantastic.  i mean, it’s PRINCE.  a living legend. he’s the purple rain to my little red corvette.  the cream to my controversy, he’s the D to the I to the A to the……well you get the picture.

anyway, in short, some days are decidedly better than others.


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