GOT party

Last nite a good friend of mine hosted a Game of Thrones dinner party.  It was lots of fun and we had a huge vegan feast and then we pushed all the couches together to face the TV and they ended up blocking the exit and I worried about fire safety for a second, but then I just relaxed and ate cupcakes.  It was a really awesome nite and the whole idea of watching TV with friends felt very youthful and indulgent. 

But anyway, about this Game of Thrones.

It’s a bit weird, right?

I know people love it, they’re nuts about and hey, I just sat and watched three episodes back to back.  But still.  I have questions.   Like, for example, why is it in fantasy, when the writers have gone to great pains to invent entire countries and lands full of witches and zombies, white walkers and dragons, that women still just get to be whores or queens?  Just wondering.  Cos that ain’t fantasy – that’s just good old fashioned medieval history.  And why is it that all non-white people are portrayed as savages that need salvation from the beautiful white people?  That’s not fantasy – that’s just colonialism.  And why is paedophilia and incest okay?  Who’s fantasy is this?? 

That’s really the question isn’t.  Considering it’s a worldwide smash.

A friend of mine pointed out that Game of Thrones is basically just biblical stuff.  The author just took one look at the Old Testament and went ‘Shit. I could totally sell this’. 

 And he did.

 Personally,  I want to see me some fantasy that is actually fantastical.  You know, shit that didn’t already happen all throughout history.  I’d like to see a land where women are not being dominated, where black people rule and all the men are whores. 

Just for kicks.  Until then I’ll probably just watch the rest of the series.  But only with friends and cupcakes.


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