socks with sandals

this is sorta hard for me to admit, but  it has become apparent to me over the years that i am actually extremely judgemental.  it really bugs me that this is the case, i judge myself about it (irony), however the truth remains.  almost every single day i catch myself out making a judgement about somebody else.  i would ask you to not judge me regarding this little disclosure but that would be, well, hypocritical.

now, when i say i’m judgemental i don’t mean that i’m a really overt, loud-mouth, big issue ‘i-have-an-opinion-about your-behaviour-and-you’re-going- to-know-about-it’  type of person.  i mean it in a far more subtle, running internal dialogue, pent up annoyance, mostly about shit that doesn’t really matter, type of way.  which, i think, is pretty much the definition of petty.

potential things that get me pretty worked up are:  if your breakfast foods include a chocolate bar or a can of coke;  if you insist on using ‘there’ ‘their’ ‘they’re’  inappropriately in business emails;  if you repeatedly laugh too loud in an open plan office;  if you speak too slowly;  if you ask the same question more than twice;  if you slam the door too hard when leaving the house early in the morning; or if you think britney spears was the first to utilise the microphone headset (it was madonna).

judgements i will be making regarding the above abominations are, in order: gross; idiot;  annoying;  idiot;  idiot;  insensitive;  idiot.

*sigh*.  so many things of  little consequence, so little hours in the day.

anyway, i was thinking about all this judgementalism and it inevitably brought me to the subject of religion.  because, truth be known, i am also sort of judgemental about those of faith.  i always say how i just don’t understand people who can dedicate their lives to a belief that is so fantastically constructed by man and man alone.  that clearly religion is just a deterrent from the cold hard truth that there is no way of knowing what is going to happen, and a way to indoctrinate people about what they should think is right, wrong or otherwise.

then i thought about how i, the unreligous person of presumed intellect, will throw around words like ‘fate’ and  ‘soul mate’, will have faith that ‘everything happens as it should’,  all the while reading horoscopes and trawling episodes of ‘sex and the city’  for some sort of divine intervention.

riiiiight.  hypocrite much?

it seems we all have some pretty dodgy ways of dealing with the unknowable.  tying this together with judgementalism –  i reckon this is where the non-religious might fall down.  at least the devout, pure type of religious person has a sort of decent enough framework to work with in regards to how to treat others. with the non-religious there’s no asking  ‘what would jesus do’,  it’s pretty much just  ‘if i don’t like it, then you suck’.   ie: judgementalism is the religion of the non-religious.

or probably just me.

in any event, i’m gonna have to just sit with that for a while.  maybe i’ll think twice before  getting annoyed at people who pray, or who, you know, wear socks with sandals.


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