I’m inviting her to dinner

Sometimes all it takes to make your day is a funny stranger.

At work on Friday we hosted a BBQ for all the residents of the retirement village adjacent to our building.  I sat down next to this little old grandma in some awesome looking pale pink velour tracksuit, paired with chandelier earrings and a bum bag.

This get up alone made her my new hero.

Anyway, I was eating my sausage in a roll when I start to tune in to the conversation my workmate is having with her,  and the first thing i catch is:

Grandma:  ‘………My goodness. You could have one here, love, and one at home‘.

I lean over to my workmate and whisper: ‘what’s she talking about?’

Workmate responds:  ‘Men’.

Grandma continues to chuckle to herself, spill potato salad all over the floor and, apparently, scope the place for cute men under 87.

What a legend.


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