Today I am Exercising

Well, that’s what I’ve been saying to myself everyday for about the last 6 weeks.  No dice.  Perhaps today will be the day. But then again, probably not.  It’s raining and it’s still winter.  And remember how I generally boycott winter? Yeah well it’s hard to exercise when you’re boycotting.

Oh but I really do need to do it.  My legs get all twitchy at night if they haven’t been taken for a nice long walk and then I don’t sleep properly and then I become an asshole because I’m tired and then because I’m tired I won’t get off my butt and go for a walk.

Vicious cycle peeps.  Vicious.

I have all the best intentions and in the summertime I walk an hour a day no problem. but in the winter this is what happens:

Me: We really need to exercise today. It’ll make us feel better.

Psyche: Yeah! Lets Do it! Today!

[8 hours later, after work]

Me: Okay it’s time to do that exercise we talked about.

Psyche: Oh hell no, you crazy?

Me: Come on, we promised!

Psyche: Not gonna happen. I’m already in my snuggie.

Me: You are? Oh look at that, we are.  Damn, it’s cozy

Me: Oooh, is that “Tom and Katie” you just googled?

Psyche: mmmhmmm………

Me: Move over

Resistance is futile.

On another note, university is back in session. This semester I am doing a full course load (3 subjects) and two of them are statistics related.  Ahahahaha.  Basically what I’m trying to tell you is, things is gonna get a little hairy around here. If I snap at you, I apologise in advance.  It’ll be fun!  Have a great day!


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