people don’t need guns

In light of the cinema shooting in Colorado over the weekend, I’m finding it difficult to think of a single reason why anyone should be able to walk into a store and buy 6000 rounds of ammunition.  As a Brazillian friend of mine quipped,

‘Wow. America’s gun laws are really working out for them’.

Subsequently, I’ve been reading arguments all over Facebook between my American friends to see why in the hell they don’t smarten up.  

Turns out they make this issue really complicated. People against gun control create complex arguments about their constitutional rights, twisting the meaning of what ‘the right to bear arms’ actually meant in the first place.  They talk about not letting the ‘psychopaths’ of the world ruin the freedom to enjoy guns that the rest of the population have a right to.

Wait.  Let’s just stop there for a second.

The freedom to enjoy guns.

Dude, if you enjoy shooting so much that it would ruin your life to not have a gun in the house, then really, who’s calling who a psychopath?  

Anyway, what was I saying?  Ah yes, the arguments.  The one that annoys me the most is the argument that insists that the problem is not ‘guns’ it is ‘society’ and that society needs to take a good hard look at itself and it’s values. Society has gone awry and needs healing.  This argument is annoying because of course, I absolutely agree.  Of course it does.  Of course this is a society problem.  of course, of course, of course.  But kids, surely it is obvious that if this fucked up society you speak of didn’t have access to 6000 rounds of ammunition, then you’d have less dead bodies lining the streets on your long walk back to Utopia. 

People don’t need guns.

I actually have a further hypothesis. If you took away the guns, then spent 50 years dealing with society’s deeper issues, and then gave the people the right to have their guns back, the thing is,  they’re not gonna want them anymore. 

Why would a healthy, confident, secure society want to have guns in the house?  That’s the whole point really.  It’s not a question of whether there’s a ‘gun problem’ or whether it’s a ‘society problem’ because it’s the same thing.  Being completely nuts about being able to have the right to own a gun is entirely symptomatic of this sick society you’re blaming the massacres on.  

I am reading an abnormal psychology textbook at the moment and if I were to diagnose American society I’d give it Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Evidenced by its citizens constant worry that something bad is going to happen, the paranoia, the feeling that they have no control over their own environment, the idea that they are never safe enough from imminent harm. They have guns to control their symptoms of the disorder.    

Get rid of society’s anxiety and you’ll also rid it of it’s obsession with firearms.  So lets just shortcut and take away the guns first.

People don’t need guns.



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