Indisputable Facts

My name is Brooke.

I read lifestyle blogs in my spare time.  Which usually means I’m really supposed to be doing something else.

like right now.  right now, i am stressed to the nines trying to prepare for an exam.  so instead of doing that i’m writing about myself on a blog.  see how this works?

anyway, i’m 32 years old and live in the inner-west of Sydney.  I work for a not for profit mental health program and I’m finishing a psych degree.  I’m a sometimes singer/performer and a sometimes ranter of things socio-political.  i am idealistic and make grand sweeping statements that are small on detail.  I have lots of creative, amazing friends that put up with this.   sometimes, I get caught out not appreciating all of these things enough.  Stripeyhorse is about all of that and sometimes nothing.

So, take a five minute break and have a look around.


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